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Shenzhen Acton Industry Development Co., Ltd

"GetWord was chosen for its internet telephone software."
The company:
Action is a high-tech company specializing in the development of communication systems.  Action has about 100 employees and the production value exceeds a hundred million per year.
The challenge:
FreeCall is an international phone software of Action. Many of our customers want to dial the phone numbers on web pages without really dialing them in our software.  They want to move the cursor to the phone numbers and press the dial key to dial the number directly.
The solution:
By incorporating the GetWord library, FreeCall can pull out the phone numbers from those places the numbers located, so that our customers can dial the numbers directly without really inputting them at all.
The result:
Customers can dial the phone number wherever they have seen them. The only thing they need to do is moving the cursor to the phone number and dialing it directly without inputting it at all.
FreeCall screenshots:


Contact information:

Shenzhen Acton Industry Development Co., Ltd
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518057 Shenzhen

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